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1 Key issues in Jurisprudence by Omony John Paul
2 Partnership Law in Uganda by David Bakibinga
3 The Law and practice of Evidence in Kenya by Kyalo Mbobu
4 The Ideal Lawyer
5 EastAfrica Law Reports per Volume
6 A Guide to criminal procedure in Uganda by Benjamin Odoki
7 Civil procedure and practice in Uganda by Musa Ssekaana
8 Criminal Procedure and practice in Uganda by Musa Ssekaana
9 Criminal procedure and Law in Uganda by Francis Ayume
10 Constitutional and political history in Uganda
11 Commentaries on Law,politics and Governance
12 Intellectual Property Law in EastAfrica by D.Bakibinga
13 The Exodus of Law and Legal methods by Yusuf Kiwanda
14 Public Law in EastAfrica by Musa Ssekaana
15 Arbitration Law and practice in Kenya
16 Law of finanacial Institutions in Kenya
17 Mastering Legal Research by Katarina Juma
18 Introduction to law by Peter Mugambi
19 The design of microcredit contracts and microenterprise finance in Uganda by Dr.Winifred
20 Childrights and law in EastAfrica by Prof.Mohammed
21 African Customary Law Systems by Peter Onyango
22 A Commentary on civil procedure Act Cap 21 by Steve Ouma
23 A Casebook on the law of Succession by W.Musyoka
24 Legal Ethics and jurisprudence in Nation building
25 Judicial Hints on Civil Procedure by Richard Kuloba
26 Judicial Review,Law,procedure and practice by Peter Kaluma
27 Summary Judgement by Richard Kuloba
28 Principles of Commercial Law by K.I.Laibuta
29 Founding the Constitution of Uganda by Richard Okumu Wengi
30 The Constitution of Kenya by PLO Lumumba
31 Constitution of Uganda
32 Conveyancing principles and practice by Tom Ojienda
33 Landlaw and conveyancing in Kenya
34 Criminal homicide in Uganda by Mwene Mushanga
35 Criminology in Africa by Mwene Mushanga
36 Dictionary of criminology by Mwene Mushanga
37 Essays in criminology by Mwene Mushanga
38 Essentials of Criminal procedure by Patrick Kiage
39 Professional Ethics by Tom Ojienda
40 Equity and Trust in Uganda by Bakibinga
41 Family Law Digest on Matrimonial property by katarina Juma
42 Law of succession by W.Musyoka
43 Marriage Laws in Africa by Arthur Phillips & Morris
44 Procedure in the Law of Succession in Kenya by Mary Angawa
45 Women's Law and Grassroot justice in Uganda by Jennifer Okumu Wengi
46 International Human Rights and their enforcement in Africa By Morris Mbodenyi
47 Forensic ICT by Davies Kelmen
48 Liberalisation of Legal Education in Uganda by Pamela Tibihikira
49 Magistrates Manual by B.D.Chipeta
50 The Basics of Law,Questions and Answers by Peter Mugambi
51 Introduction to Tax Law by Gabriel Kitenga
52 Tax and Development by Attiya Waris
53 Shareholder value and the common good
54 Constitutional Law Digest
55 Understanding Negligence and strict liability by Yusuf Kiwanda
56 Principles of Company Law By Chrispas Nyombi
57 Principles of Constitutional Law by Charles Mwaura Kamau
58 Criminal Law by William Musyoka
59 An Outline of Criminal procedure in Kenya
60 Employment law guide for employers by George Ogembo
61 Employment and labour relations in Tanzania
62 A Commentary on evidence Act Cap 80 by steve Ouma
63 Cases and statues on evidence in Seirra Leone
64 Accounting for Lawyers
65 Digest on Industrial Court Case Law by George Ogembo
66 Know Your Law by David Mushanga
67 Latin Terms and Maxims Contextualised in Court Decisions
68 Meetings law and procedure in Kenya today by Amota
69 Insurance Law and practice in Kenya by Jackson Mwimali
70 Revenue Law in Uganda by David Bakibinga
71 Employment law in Uganda by Lawrence Tumwesigye
72 Black's Law Dictionary 11th Edition
73 Contract Law by Duxenburg
74 Learning the Law by Granville Williams
75 Devolution in Kenya by PLO Lumumba
76 The Devil's Advocate
77 Odunga's Digest on Civil Case Law and Procedure (10 volumes)
78 EastAfrica Protectorate Law Reports 1909-1933 (6 volumes)
79 EastAfrica Court of Appeal Law Reports 1934-1956 (10 volumes)
80 EastAfrica Law Reports 1957-2018( 67 volumes)
81 EastAfrica Consolidated Indexes(6 volumes)
82 Uganda Law Reports (11 volumes)
83 Law of Matrimonial Property
84 Kenya Law Reports 1976-2014(40 volumes)